I am sure that all of you are well aware about the term “selfie”. It has become the latest and the most popular trend in the recent years. But I am not going to talk about it. I am here to talk about a serious issue which is “Selfie Hazard around the World”.

The most common human nature is to gain fame. Everyone wants to be famous. And for the youth it is very necessary. So  to gain fame, the youth does some risky stunts to become popular. And doing those stunts while taking selfies is a bonus for them. But this bonus can be fatal in many situations.

The word “selfie” was chosen as the word of the year 2013 by Oxford. But unfortunately no one saw its bad side that time. Like everything it also has a darker side which is commonly known as selfie hazard. In a study, it is found that taking more than 6 selfies per day and posting it on social networking sites is a very serious disease. And it can result into some serious mental issues. The worst part of it is that a lot of people are going through it but they are not aware about it. It is found that many people are addicted to taking selfies. This addiction is termed as selfie syndrome. Scientists have also found that addiction of taking selfies can result into mental disorders.

In recent years, the death caused while taking selfies has increased a lot. This is not only found in youth but it can also be seen in aged people. Many government has taken steps in this direction as it can become a global concern. The governments have started making selfie prohibited zone for the safety of the people. Russian government has issued a guide of taking safe selfies.

What is the benefit of gaining fame by loosing your life? I cannot understand it. I am not saying that selfie is any bad habit but there is a limit of everything. Excess generally causes disasters. Why to risk our lives for just a picture? We need to solve this issue by making the people aware about it. Otherwise it can really become a serious issue.