India is a vast and fast developing country. Many of the developments has taken place in recent years. One of them is smart phone. Smart phone is already discussed in previous blogs. I am not going to talk about smart phone. I am going to take you through an adventurous and dangerous truth. Everyone likes adventure. You guys must be thinking that what is the relation between adventure and smart phone? First, let me give you a hint. I think all of you have must heard about a term “Selfie”.

In India, people are becoming crazy about selfies. Today selfie has become a matter of social status. The more cool selfie is the more your status increases in the modern Indian society. So how can anyone make selfies cooler. One way is by making it dangerous and adventurous. It is becoming quite trendy nowadays. Many people take selfie in crazy and adventurous way and post them on various social networking sites. Due to this many people have already lost their lives. The selfie is inescapable. It attracts everyone. In the course of any given week, “selfie” is mentioned in 165,000 facebook posts and 150,000 tweets. Like any widespread activity selfie is not immune to tragedy. While deaths caused due to selfies have received a fair amount of coverage in extent of the problem and the data behind it hasn’t been approximately explored. By a survey, it is found that since 2014, 49 people have died while taking selfie and their average age is about 21 years old. 75% of them are male.

When people tries to take selfie of themselves they distracts, lose their balance and concentration, they don’t look around themselves and harm themselves. Some time this harm becomes death. While taking selfies be sure that you are at a safe place otherwise you it could cost your life. Taking selfies is not bad but excess of anything genrally causes reaction.

So what we need to do is to make people aware while taking selfies. Because sometimes fun can result into something serious.

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