I think it is a matter of shame that still in the 21st century we are talking about discrimination done with women. Many people will argue that this is not true, today women have got equal rights and opportunities, they even have more rights in compared to men(in some cases). But it is not so. It is true that according to law women have equal rights and they get equal opportunities. But what about society? Does society treat men and women equally? I think it is a matter of debate.

In ancient India, women were considered as Gods. But today, it is not so. In India, if any girl talks to any stranger(specially a boy), it is considered as a crime. But the same girl is allowed to marry a stranger and spend her whole life with him. If she doesn’t want to marry that stranger then some parents even force their daughters to do so. In India, if any girl’s 2 inches waist can be seen through the gap between her t- shirt and jeans then that girl is considered as characterless. But if the same girl’s 6 inches waist can be seen through a her saree then no body complains about it. In our society the clock decides the character of the girl. According to the society, if the girl comes back home before 6 o’clock then that girl is a good girl. But if the girl comes back home after 8 o’clock then there is a question mark over her character. These social rules are not applicable for boys. Boys can do whatever they want to. Nobody complains about them. Generally girls are told to not go outside after 7 or 8 pm. Why? Because it is not safe for them. Girls are told not to wear jeans, skirts and specially short skirts. But boys can wear what they want to. Whatever the case is the girl is always advised to compromise.

What makes the girl’s life unsafe? Why the late night is not considered safe for the girls? The reason behind it is our society. The society always discriminates girls. In some cases this discrimination is done through indirect ways. To overcome this discrimination, we have to change our mentality. We have to teach our boys to respect girls. Because girls are equal in respect to boys. In some cases the girls are way better than the boys. It does not need any proof. There are countless examples of it.

We need to remember that all humans are equal. Whether that person is a male or female. Society needs a balance to run. And without women the balance is impossible. We need to respect each and every women and girl because they deserve it!