Hello friends! This is Saurav Sinha. I am here with one of my poems whose title is “Sometimes I believe”. It is a kind of interesting creation. I hope that you guys like it. Don’t forget to share your views in the comment box..


Sometimes I BELIEVE

Sometimes I believe

 That the time itself reveals,

 The Nights of glories

Shinning moon in middle

And the journey’s theories,

Those river bank walks,

Small conversations,

And kisses hugs at last.

Those earphones shares

Playing one song over and over

To feel the relief

Counting memories

And those romantic wishes

On seeing the falling stars

Holding hands together

We saw the real face of ours

U became my soul

I even stopped imagining living alone

Then again time itself revealed

Saying me to come back

To the work and leave her there

I left her

Coz it was my coercive

Hoping that again

Time itself will reveal

And again we shall meet

On that very bank of river.

-Saurav Sinha


Featured image credit-
Aleks Dahlberg