Hi guys, I am back again in front of you. I am here with a serious matter. I request you to please stop doing this and spread this to each and everyone whoever is addicted to it. You must be thinking that she is saying stop it! Stop it! By why is she saying so? I am saying stop it for smoking cigarettes, taking drugs and alcohol.

There are huge amount of people who have always been stubborn regarding this matter. Being stubborn is the not the way to stop it. If the addicted person can stay stubborn then why can’t we people get stubborn to stop them. From my view pasting posters, forming human chain, holding placards are not the ways to stop them. These are just for the gain of fame.

There are a lot of people who smoke in front of their children. Some children ignores while some take it seriously. When they grow up they feel like taking drugs and smoking is not a bad thing. So they start taking all of them. In the start of every movie, a slide is played describing how harmful smoking can be. But it has only become a ritual before the start of any movie. Everybody ignores it like it is nothing to them.

I don’t know why these people are risking their lives. They are taking their lives as a joke. Life can never be a joke. Life is very precious. Almighty has sent you to do something meaningful not to get addicted. If you don’t want to do it for yourself then at least think about the people who loves you.

Yesterday when I was in the market, I saw a car parking nearby me. And a man who was sitting inside the car was smoking constantly. He was smoking in the way that he is going to receive a medal for this great work.

At last friends, I will only say that when you will leave this world due to your addiction, I am not going to cry, neither Nitish Kumar or Narendra Modi will cry. The only persons who will cry will be your family members and the ones who really love you. If you want to see them smiling then you better say no to smoking.