“If we click on an icon on desktop and it will execute after a minute”.Heeehee our life will become hell and tired if my first sentence becomes true.But it is not possible because the system software have completely proved my first sentence a “joke“. And yes it is completely a joke and will never come true. Now I think that we are impressed with the speed, accuracy, versatility and processing speed of our computer. And because of this speed of computers or of our machine makes us happy and feel good while working. And the thing which makes us happy while working is the “System Software” and this is because the computer is merely nothing or a dump machine that knows nothing.So, In this blog I will walk you through about the term “System Software“.
we all know that the computer knows nothing of itself. It require instruction for each and every action it perform and we all know that these instruction are provided by “Software“. And whenever we think about hardware management and internal computer operation the term which comes out from the entire “Software” is the System Software. As it is the type of Software which controls the internal computer operations and makes the best use of computer hardware and makes us feel good by speeding up our processes. And the computer internal operation which is managed by the system Software are like reading data from input devices and giving us output or outcome on the output devices, checking System component for advanced management, Converting our instruction to the computer understandable form as Computer doesn’t understand our languages like English, Hindi, French, It only understand binary language i.e. 0 and 1. So it is is System software which manages all our work internally and instruct hardware to perform our task with accuracy and eventually makes us happy and feel good. Examples of system software are MS-Windows, Linux, Antivirus, Disk Cleanup, Borland compiler, GCC compiler and many more.
Now, we have a clean understanding of System Software and I am feeling simple to mention that System Software are of three types.
They are :
1. Operating System
2. Language Processor
3. Utility Software

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