This time there is no hi or  bye to you all by me. This time the thing which I was observing in the surrounding I am going to mentioning.Do you know friends Life is like a book which contain lots of chapters. Some chapters are so good 😆 that what to say. Some chapters are so worse 😥 👿 that what to say. But actually it depends upon you what you learn from each and every chapter. Let me ask you all is there anyone in today ‘s life who doesn’t take tension. I think I shouldn’t beat in the bush I shall directly discuss with you all what I want to say.

Actually what I want to mention is that each and everyone of us take tensions, create tensions, face tensions too. Even with ourself, alone because everyone is in the happiest moment and no one is in the saddest moment.I think that people should live their life as it is the last moment of your life and you have to live it. Or I can Say is that “Jiyo To Har Paal Aise Jiyo Jaise Ki Aakhri Ho” Am I right or wrong ask to your heart.

I tell you that whenever I face any tension automatically I started smiling on that tension. After that I make my mind completely blank. Just what I do is that I bring that problem and started to work on it. It doesn’t take too much time also.Do you know friends there are people which are forced to suicide due to these tensions, there are people who hurt thereself after taking tensions and there are some people too who handle the headache problem for years and years. It is completely foolishness. I don’t know how much they are intelligent but as per my consideration they are the biggest fools on earth. I don’t know why they do so???????????????

Let me do a comparison between three. There is a small baked unleavened cake which is crispy see how it varies for the three categories of person. For a poor person it will be biskuit, for a middle class person it will be biscuit, for a rich person it will be cookies. Have you seen how it varies. But still I tell you that all the people have an urge to live the world, everyone have a desire to see the world. So, I wish from now onwards you will throw your headache in dustbin and start a new world which should be tension free.