I think that after reading the title, you all may have understood that what this blog is about. This is about “TELEVISION and CHILDREN- A BOON or BANE”. We all know that television is a great source of entertainment as well as source of information. Anything bad or good happened in any part of the world, we come to know about it after just few minutes. After coming of this striking creation of science (television), large number of people started using it as a source of entertainment and information. In many countries people uses it too much such as Indonesia. In Indonesia 93% of people watch TV. It means 9 out of 10 people watches TV. There is no confusion that it is a boon for humans but in this blog I am talking about children.

Yesterday I was reading the blog of Shivam and he had written that everything has two sides like a coin. One side is good and other is bad. This same happens in case of television. In present society large most of the children are attracted toward it and spend their most time on it. This creates a lot of stress in their mind. Surveys of many Universities say that more than 60% of children spend more than 4 hours on TV and it is more likely to cause overweight. Some children also start doing stunts which they watch on TV and it has proved fatal in many cases. It also affects the brain of the children.

Recent surveys say that TV is very much responsible for aggressive and violent behaviour. TV also scares the child and it also traumatizes the kids. It also affects the physical development in stages of life. They also get lots of information about sexuality from television before the right age.

At last I just want to say that “Excess of anything is bad”. So it will be better if we minimise its use and entertain ourselves more from physical activities.