Hi everyone! I am here again with my new composition. It’s called ‘The Best Friend’. Hope you all like it! Do drop your comments in the comment box. So now enjoy..

The Best Friend

I know a boy

Who never did any unpleasant noise,

Full of hunger and thirst

To rescue himself from the crust.

Once he got a best friend

Who always told him about the trends

They laboured,

To achieve a level

Fire took in the jungle,

Which was full of rumour

Each one acted as O2

To transform their friendship into CO2

The fire started to break into the houses

The sweat was on their heads

With the tears of fear

Everyone thought that they have lost

But still the little squirrel was alive

Which kept them tied

Each second they survived

And all of a sudden

Lightning started with thunder

And nature tested and rescued them

And once again

They became friends

To talk about the trends

Which meant a lot to them…

­                          -Himanshu Nath Jha


Featured Image Credit-
Mohamed Nohassi