Hi everyone! I know that I am here after a long time but trust me I have learnt a lot in past few days.. I have composed my new poem which I thought that it should be shared. So here is a poem on the The Journey and Destination…

The Journey

It started as a nightmare
Giving dreadful and a long stare
Enough to make me quiver
Enough to drown me in a river
Still I chose it
Because at the other side
There was success
Ready to hug me hard and tight
I was happy to accept the challenge
But only accepting
Could not let me to show my talent
I came alone
To face this world
But back there was destiny
Ready to give me some shocking swirls
Unknown of it
I hugged a rose tight
But in return
I got some thorns that bite
I cried
I wept
Hoping any help
I slept
But when I awoke
I saw its real face
I wanted to run
Away from that race But I could not
So I continued with my path
Staying away from any danger or wrath
Then came the final blow
Throwing me far away from the show
I was ready to accept it as “THE END”
But then knocked an unknown friend
She took me up
Holding my hand
I walked with her
Between rocks and sand
She brought me out
Of my own jail
And the nightmare
Seemed like a fairytale
Destiny threw some stones again
But all of that went in vain
As we walked together
Turning each and every stone into feather
Came the destination
Ready to hug me tight
Which was on the other side
She said her final words
“Good bye honey!”
And then I realised that success was nothing
Before the journey!