Hi friends! This is your own Ayush and this time I am here with some information regarding the GOD himself, The “Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.” I was just wondering that what he does after retirement. I have not seen him doing commentary or coming in any sports show as an expert. This blog is about it. The life of Sachin after retirement – His second Innings.

I think that there is no need to introduce this legend to anyone. And if there is still somebody who does not know about him then probably he/she is an alien. It is really hard for somebody to change his routine which he was carrying from 24 years. It is really hard to say goodbye to the thing which you love the most. Unfortunately, in sports everyone has to go through this phase. And Sachin too had to go through it. So how good is the life of Sachin after retirement?

The career of sports is very short. And after reaching 35 most of the players retire. But this is not the end. You still have half of your life left. After retirement in cricket, most of the players join the commentary box or any others show. Rest of them joins the administration of Cricket. But Sachin has not chosen any of them. Presently, he is busy in doing social service and promoting cricket.

After retirement Sachin had the freedom to choose any field. But he chose social service. He has adopted a village named “Puttamraju Kandriga” in Andhra Pradesh. He has changed the whole infrastructure of the village. He has a great impact on the villagers of that village. He is also involved in a project called “Spreading Happiness” which has benefited thousands of underprivileged. He iss also a part of “Swaccha Bharat Abhiyan” and he is the UNICEF ambassador for hygiene and sanitation. This is not the all. He has promoted cricket in USA by joining “Cricket All Stars”. Apart from cricket he is the co-owner of a football club “Kerala Blasters” in Hero ISL.

We all admire Sachin not only because of his records. We admire him for his simplicity and nature. The greatness of this man cannot be described in words. He has served the cricket for a long period and still he is doing his best for the society. The life of Sachin after retirement is just awesome. That is why he is THE Sachin.

Sachin… Sachin…