Yesterday night, a shocking news came that MS Dhoni steps out of captaincy. The first shocking news of 2017. Everyone is surprised after hearing this because it is related to MSD. The only man on the planet which is non-predictable. I think there is no need to introduce anyone Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s achievements as a captain. He is the reason behind the T-20 World Cup, 2011 World Cup, Asia Cup, Champions Trophy, No.1 Ranking in Tests, ODIS and T20s. Among the 450+ captains so far, he is the only captain who has conquered every ICC trophy. The fact is that I cannot sum up his whole achievements in just a single blog.

The major question is what makes him special. From my opinion, it is his calmness. I remember a statement given by APJ Abdul Kalam, “Accept the defeat at front and celebrate victory at back.” Dhoni fully justifies this statement.  He is always ready to face any situation. Whenever India wins any trophy, he gives it to the youngsters and goes back. He is also a human being but he never shows it. This is what makes him special. I would say that he was a brave captain due to his decisions. Unfortunately very few noticed his achievements but everyone noticed his mistakes.

If you look at the career of this legend then you will find only sacrifices. He sacrificed his batting position for the team, he sacrificed all sort of fame and popularity, and now he sacrificed his captaincy for the betterment of the team. In September 2007, he was given a bunch of youngsters. It was almost impossible to lead that inexperienced team. But he accepted the challenge, not only accepted he won the challenge. He was given the responsibility to carry the hope of 1.2 billion people. He became the captain when Indian legends were at the end of their careers. When those legends retired, he managed to conduct smooth transition of Indian Cricket. He prepared a team then he did what he is known for. He left silently. He did not even get a farewell or any lap of honor. He deserves all sort of fame and celebrations but he always refuses it because he is the MSD. Really, it is sad to see this.

We can’t change his decision. But all we can do is to thank him. Thank you! captain. Thank you! captain, for giving last over to Joginder Sharma. Thank you! Captain, for leading the bunch of youngsters. Thank you! Captain, for that thrilling run out against Bangladesh. Thank you! Captain, for defeating Australia in Australia. Thank you! Captain, for accepting our all those baseless criticism and at last Thank you! Captain for finishing things off in style…