Few days ago I read a poem named “The Brook” composed by Alfred Lord Tennyson. It goes like this….

I come from haunts of coot and hern;

I make a sudden sally

And sparkle out among the fern

To bicker down the valley……

You guys must be thinking that what is special in this? For me it is special. It has become my favorite poem ever since I read it. This poem tells the journey of a brook. The journey of brook has been personified. I just couldn’t resist myself from sharing with you what I learned from this very poem. Although I am not an expert in English Literature but I shall try my best. You can read whole poem through this link because I am going to discuss only the main theme of the poem.

Click here for the whole poem “The Brook”
In this poem the journey of the brook is compared with the life of man. When brook originates from the mountains it flows with a great speed and sound. It chatters while flowing over the pebbles and rocks or simply you can say that it creates a lot of noise. This is similar in the case of the origination of a man. Man originates or born in a form of a child. And a child is always in hurry. He can never be stable. He doesn’t care for anything. The stage of child is the most active stage of a man’s life. The same condition is with the newly formed brook. That stage of brook is the most active stage of its whole journey.
Brook faces many obstacles in its journey in the form of rocks, trees, bushes, grasses etc. But instead of all these difficulties it reaches its destination because it never forgets its aim which is to join the brimming river. The same condition is with the life of a man. In the life of a man there is no any stage where there is no any obstacle. Obstacles are everywhere. Difficulties are everywhere. But we have to overcome those difficulties. It is not an easy task. Many people fails in this task but there are also many examples who just overcome these difficulties like it was nothing for them. To be successful we have to never give up.
When brook grows younger, its speed slows down. Instead of chattering it starts to murmur. But this brook is way better than the new originated brook because it becomes a source of life for many others like fishes, aquatic plants and flowers, etc. This situation is similar with a stage in man’s life. That stage is when he attains maturity. At that stage his movement is slow but his movement is meaningful.
Man is a greedy animal. We are never satisfied with what we have. We always wander here and there in search of more happiness, more money and more facilities. Man’s life is a journey and every journey has any destination. Brook knows its destination which is to join the brimming river. Man also knows that one day he has to die but he always neglects it. Brook always moves forward and aims for its destination but man never talks or even thinks about his death. The absolute truth is death and it is the destination of each and every person on the earth because brook is immortal but man isn’t. Man is mortal.

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