I am just sitting in my study room and thinking about one of the most difficult questions of mankind. I am thinking about death. I know it sounds weird from a 14 year old immature boy. But I am going to give it a try. So welcome to the “Theory of Death from a Teenager.”

I should have written something about love, friends, fun, relationship, goals, etc but I chose this because I have seen few deaths in front of my eyes. Nobody knows what happens after death and before the birth of any living being. There are many different theories regarding this. I have heard and studied only few of them. Some are scientifically established, some are related with religions and some are related to black magic too. But I agree with none of them.

Ever since we step into this great puzzle which is called life, we are taught to do this or that. A two year baby is blackmailed that don’t go out of the gate, the dog will bite you or some ghost will come. The child gets scared and returns back for the moment. But the desire of the child to go outside gets stronger as his/her curiosity increases to see the world outside that gate. Let me give you another example. When a child wants to touch the lantern, his/her parents try to stop their child. But the curiosity helps the child to ignore everything and he/she continues to go towards the lantern. The satisfaction comes only when he/she touches the lantern and then the child realises that the lantern is too hot. From that day the child never touches the lantern again. Why it so? Why the child never touches the lantern again? It is so because the child develops a fear inside him/her after getting the reality. But we haven’t seen the death yet. So why we are always scared of death?

I think that we are not scared of death. We are scared of life. Yes it is true. We are scared of not living. We are scared of not enjoying the life again. We aren’t scared of death, we are just scared of not living the life. And this fear is very strong. This fear is the ultimate weapon whenever the death is hanging over our head. And nobody knows the power of this fear, not even the person himself/herself. Why it is so?

I think that it is so because life is beautiful. It has a unique charm and beauty in it. Even the poorest beggar does not want to die because he/she has hope. Hope to survive. Hope to a better future. Hope to accept death with a smiling face. Death is just a term for end. The reality is life. Life is a process and the death is the destination. The beauty lies in the process while destination is just a mile stone…

I hope that you all liked the “The Theory of death from a teenager”. I also know that many of you must have different opinions on the same topic. If you have then please drop it in the comment box because I would love to learn something new. Something new about the theory of death… Something new of the theory of life…

Till my next blog, Good Bye!

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