The title will somehow force you to think what is it? Is it a match “Tesla vs Edition”. No, It is surely not a match but it was a war ” war of currents “.

It was the story of 1890s. Two great scientist of their time Nikola Tesla and Thomas Alva Edition were engaged in a mission which was going to changed the world.

Nikola TeslaNikola Tesla was a Serbian American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and a futurist best known for his contribution to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system. Tesla had a eidetic memory, which meant he could very precisely recall images and objects. This enabled him to accurately visualise intricate 3D objects, and as a result, he could build working prototypes using few prelimary drawings.

But Thomas Alva Edition was more a sketcher and as thinker . As we know about Thomas Alva Edition, he had invented a lots of things . He had 1093 patents and he was also a great genius. Thomas Edition had a laboratory and assistants staff to help him. He was economically strong. Tesla was just a engineer in early days. But his intelligence was going to give new thinking about (AC).
Tesla was in favor of (AC). He thought AC is the future of the world. But Nikola TeslaEdition was not in his favor. He thought AC is dangerous and impractical. He dismissed his proposal. It proved to be Edition’s short sightedness.
Tesla’s current motor and hydroelectric plant at Niagara Falls was going to electrified the world.
Like Edition, Tesla also spent years working on a system designed to wirelessly transmit voices, images and moving pictures. But he knows what really he would give the world. Our entire mass communication system is based on Tesla’s system.
Unfortunately, Tesla’s winner grand scene failed when his financial backer, J.P Morgan, became fed up with the years of failure.
Edition was a genious but he was hard of hearing and introvated, with few close friends.
This war proved to be the mother of inventions.
Final question was; who won this war?
“They’re different inventors but we cant really say one is greater, because American society needs some Edition and it needs some Tesla”.

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