This is the first trial of any poem by me. And the poem is for the Living God On Earth whom I can see. Do you know friends I didn’t believe in touching feet of any teacher or any big personality. Because I have my living God alive both Mumma and Papa. I think the real blessings from the heart can always be given by these two only in today’s era. So, it depends upon you and your thinking what you think about these types of custom. Hope you will like the poem.

      To My Mumma

Some drops of blessing showered,

Some fragrance of flowers came.

My head with memoirs lowered

From wild I became tame.

Two hands to cure ailment,

Two arms to heal the wound.

Spread a touch of your amazement

I will gather the bounty unbound.

A smiling face is needed

A whisper of sympathy all I want,

Your lap of comfort is heeded.

Please lull me to sleep which I can’t.

Poison darkness, hatred filled me: burning, burning and burning

Call again my name mumma,  I want to give in, give in, give in….