In recent days the debate on tolerance is on its height. One word is becoming very popular – “Intolerance”. Leaders used this as a political tool for publicity. My question is not what leaders did? My question is – Is intolerance really a big worry for India?

The literary meaning of tolerance is the ability to tolerate something or someone. Tolerance plays very important role in everyone’s life. There is tolerance in everyone because without tolerance life is not possible. Another truth is that there is intolerance in everyone too. Because everything has its inverse.

India has a rich history of being tolerant towards others. We should be proud of ourselves. We believe in peace. The greatest example of our tolerance is “Atithi devo bhavah” and ind“Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam”. We always welcomed everyone and that is main reason behind the dominance of Mughals and Britishers over us.

We have to accept that there is some kind of intolerance in our country too. After all we are 1.3 billion in number. And it is obvious that there will be diversity of thoughts and nature in India.

If we try to find that who is the more intolerant? Then the answer will be youngsters specially teenagers. Because it is the age of experiment. The main reason behind it is that youngsters want everything very quickly. They also respond and react very quickly. Many people think it as a quality, yes it may be a good quality but it may lead to a person’s downfall. So they should give themselves some time. Every youngster is not intolerant. Most of the youngsters are tolerant but the quantity of intolerant youngsters is more than any other age group.

Intolerance gives birth to violence. And violence can never be beneficial. There are huge number of people in our surroundings. Everyone is different. We cannot agree with everyone. We cannot answer everyone’s question. So the only way left is tolerance.

Tolerance doesn’t mean to face someone’s atrocities and stay quite. If there is something wrong then we should stand against it.

At last I would say that yes there is intolerance in our country but the amount of it is negligible in comparison to the amount of tolerance in our country. So, we don’t need to worry about intolerance…

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