Tradition means the things which are followed and passed to us by our ancestors. Traditions are the values which help us to know about the observation and transformation of society. It is the actual identity of the present society. It helps the people to live in unity. But today in the world of globalisation people are forgetting their tradition, customs and beliefs. It is important to all of us to globalise but to forget the tradition means we are forgetting our history.

Tradition is not only related to custums, religions and beliefs. It is related to that how we can think on our society to improve it and how to behave and respect with elders. But today we are forgetting our traditions and wants to accept modernity.
Modernity have become distraction .Modernity is the way to to connect to new world by rejecting old. But, In another aspects Mordernisation has advantages in our society. Mordernity in the 21st century leads to the developement of the country. In the past, weaker sections of society are often discriminated but today with the help of modernity they have been given equal rights without any discrimination.
In these times we all are getting familiar with a common word ‘fashion’. People over world want to adopt fashion to feel themselves fashionable.
Mordernity led to the developement in the field of science and technology. Life without science is almost impossible. Today all the people are dependent upon science and technologies for their work. With the mordernisation people aware themselves from the social evils like satipratha, Dowry system that led to the death of thousand of women, discrimination with women, child labour, etc.

So there are both positive and negative sides of both tradition and modernity so we should accept the positive ones and leave the rest because both is important.