On the occasion of World Peace Day, India is boiling with anger. The only thing which Indians want is REVENGE. Revenge from a country who is not even able to look after its own citizen, who is being opposed by its own citizens, who is the center of terrorism, who knows only to repeat one thing which is Kashmir and Kashmir. I think you all have guessed that it is Pakistan. Beware Pakistan! You have crossed the line.


First let us look towards the event which caused all these. On 18 September 2016, 4 Pakistani terrorists attacked on Indian Army Brigade Headquarters at the town of Uri near the Line of control. It took place around 5:30 am. 18 soldiers died in this attack and all 4 terrorists were killed. Around 19-30 soldiers found to be injured in this attack. Later it was confirmed that the terrorists came form Pakistan. It was the most brutal attack on Kashmir in last 2 decades. I would like to put forward some data regarding Pakistan. In 2014 over 550 ceasefire violation was done by Pakistan. In 2016 4 terrorists attack have taken place in India and all are done by Pakistan.


India has always believed in peace. Indian foreign policy has always been of peace and brotherhood. It doesn’t matter whether that country is mighty USA or our enemy Pakistan. India always tolerated the deeds of Pakistan. But the time has come that we have to take it seriously. Everyone wants the revenge. Yes it is also right but war is not a solution. Yes excess tolerance is not right but we have to realise that the common people of Pakistan are innocent . You cannot even blame the Pakistani government because it does not have any kind of power. Power exists in the hands of military of Pakistan.  Indian government has taken this very seriously and till now from the attack, the Indian military has killed around 10 terrorists. I think it is necessary but we have to go against terrorism not Pakistanis.

But it does not mean to get violent. Our  father  of nation Mahatma Gandhi said that “eye against eye makes the whole world blind”. So we have to answer the terrorists not Pakistani…

At last on the behalf of dashh.in I salute all those soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country.hhjjhhj

A soldier said that

“If I died in the war

Put my medals on my chest

And tell my mother

I did my best!…”