In this world, all things are developing so fast that we cant imagine. In present time if any one wants to know about any information and he/she wants to know it quickly. These answers come only and only from ‘Internet’. But what about the the connection of any device to another device.USB

We all are getting familier with a word ‘USB’. USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. It was invented by an Indian, Ajay Bhatt in 1994. But how he thought about USB. One day, he went to cybercafe for printing some information for his daughter’s school project. He browsed the information from the computer through Internet. But a problem came to connect printer to the computer. At that movement , Ajay Bhatt thought that “Why not create a solution that can make possible to connect all the devices to another in easy way”. Later, he invented USB that connects all the things like external mouse, keyboard, pendrive, card reader, printers,etc to computers in easy way. This mordernised the world upto the great extent. USB DashhWithout Usb we can’t connect any device in easy way. If we want to transfer file easily and fastly we had to use bluetooth but through the development of USB, it can be possible to transfer file easily and fastly. It is also used in WIFI Routers . In the field of computers , the development is so fast that one day, Computers will boot up and shut down in only 2 seconds and in future the newer version of USB will launch that will connect all the devices wirelessly. This world is modernising very fastly without any . In earlier times, the ordinary people can think that It is impossible to connect mobile to computers and file transfers through computers to mobile. But now it is possible with the curiosity and creativity of one and only Ajay Bhatt.