What an era has came; oh dear!

The dreams of Shakespeare is going to shear

People has became selfish and technical

They have left their love for literature.


The way of expressing emotions have changed

Now people from letters are on their messages arranged

The song of Wordsworth, the sound of Tennyson

Hope of Hardy is now the curse from benison.


Poets, writers, authors are prosperous by heart

People today doesn’t want anything from money apart

Life of literature earlier was a dream

Now, the desire to explore and write is a scream.


The humorous dramas, the stories narrated brief

Will be no more, is the wildest grief

What an era has came; oh dear!

Limits of exploring are very near.


Let’s pledge to save the beauty of English

The hunger of literature should not ever finish

Let the half dried plant of literature be again watered,

The thirst to explore must not be slaughtered!!