What is life? I think that this question is among the few toughest questions ever asked. Now what I am going to do is to find the answer of this question. I know that few people will be laughing now to see this teenager finding the real meaning of life. But this is exactly what I am going to do.

Biology will say that ‘organisms maintain homeostasis, are composed of cells, undergo metabolism, can grow, adapt to their environment, respond to stimuli and can reproduce is called life’ (Source of the definition – Wikipedia). Social Media will say that awkward moment between birth and death is called life. There are millions of other definitions of life. But I am greedy man. I am not satisfied with anyone of them.

From my thinking life is an ocean of lessons.  But interesting thing is that you have to give the examinations first and then life will teach you the lessons. If you are a good student then you will use this lesson in the next examination properly. But the twist is that most of the questions come from the untaught lessons. So what to do? How to compete in this tough examination? I think that this is not a tough one because nature does not make anything easy or tough. We do. If you want to achieve anything, you may achieve it but if you desire and always focus on reaching that milestone then, you will surely achieve that. When we step into this puzzle which is life, we do not know that what is tough and what is easy. When we grow up the society teaches us that this is easy and this is tough. And we accept it.

In any institution there is always a result of examination conducted. The same thing is with the life. Life gives you results. But you never know that in which form you are getting the results. It may be tons of money, it may be a house, it may be a job, it may be a bread to eat or it may be a little smile. You just have to know your rewards. Many people give excuses that due to this I failed, I missed out the paper with just 1 mark, I failed because God is not with me, I failed because my destiny is not with me, etc….etc…etc… But remember that excuses will only give you temporary sympathy but success will give you permanent satisfaction.

Nothing is impossible in this world if you desire for it. But it is also a fact that nothing is easy in this world. What makes the difference is your approach towards your goal. If you just change your mindset then half of the journey is completed. Remember one thing that you may get what you want but life is greater than you. When you will think that you are all done and you successfully did everything then life will smash you down to the ground. And this is where the difference comes between winner and loser. The loser will try again once or twice but the winner will stand every time when life smashes him/her. Because he/she never gives up! And this is life.