Hey! guys Today I am gonna share my own experience with you which will help you not to commit the mistakes which I  did in my past. We all have to pass through our “teenage”. Teenage is an age which is between 13 to 19 years. It consists of lots of changes. Our mind is not stable at this age. It is necessary to take an advice with a guy who has already passed through this age. Friends, We live in that society in which there is no value of what you want to achieve in your life. Society doesn’t care about your passion, creativity, and innovation. They follow the norms which other did. They say to follow fashion instead of following our passion. This period starts when we pass out class 10th. After passing class 10th, a major problem comes in front of us to decide the stream of our interest for our further studies. This is the time when the root of the problem arises.
Your parents don’t permit you to choose the subject of your interest. They pressurize you, emotionally, they even black Mail you for taking that subject which is taken by children of their neighbors, friends, in simple which is in fashion. There are lot of people around you who make you feel confused. They only tell you about the advantages of that field from which they belongs to.
What you have to do – Don’t hear everyone, keep your mind calm and surf on internet about the scope of all the streams i.e. Science, Arts and Commerce. Analise them very carefully. List out the job availability in the next 20 years in that particular field. Then it becomes easier for you to take decision.
Believe in the fact that “All Power Is Within You, You Can Do Anything And Everything”, Don’t follow anyone, Give your 100% to you work so that people give your example and follow you and plz plz plz don’t hear anyone, It will disturb you a lot.