Hi! everyone! Here I am with an interesting story from the life of a legend. That legend is our very own – “A.P.J. Abdul Kalam”. I think there is no need to introduce anyone to this great man. His life is a great example of struggle, hard work, dedication, honesty, and sacrifice. These were the pillars of his successful life. “Success is not earned in a day.” It is the product of small struggles combined together. In this blog, I am gonna discuss such an event from this great man’s life which proved to be a very important lesson for him.

Kalam was a very intelligent student in his school. He was among the toppers. The same situation was in the college. Srinivasan was his design professor when Kalam was studying aeronautics at MIT. There was a group of four students along with Kalam. That group was given a project to design a low-level attack aircraft. Kalam was the head of the team. He worked for several weeks with his teammates with complete dedication. Few days before submitting the project Professor Srinivasan came to check the progress. Kalam showed the design to him. He examined it for several minutes and said that he was very disappointed with it. He expected much more from Kalam. He told Kalam to change the whole design within three days. It was a huge shock for Kalam as the deadline of three days was very short. The Professor also told Kalam that if he will not submit this project in time then his scholarship will be stopped.

Kalam worked whole day. He skipped lunch and dinner. He eased himself by taking 15 minutes break. And at the end of 2nd day, Professor came again. Kalam didn’t notice as he was so busy at his work. The Professor stood at the gate of Kalam’s room for several minutes. He stepped in and took the design and start observing it. Kalam’s heartbeat was very fast because if he lost his scholarship then his whole dream will be shattered as he could not continue his studies. The Professor observed it for a while and hugged him. Srinivasan was very happy. He told him that his previous design was very good but he only wanted to test Kalam’s ability. He accepted that he gave him an impossible deadline but in spite of that Kalam completed it with a lot better design. The Professor was proud of him.

This is really and interesting story which has a lot to inspire. It shows the character of Missile Man. I have a huge respect for him. Do you?

If you have any inspiring story then comment.

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