Hi guys I am here again with my new composition. It is titled as “While resting in her arms”. I hope that you will like it. Do drop your comments in the comment box..


While resting in her arms

While resting in her arms

Without any fear

Carrying a bright smile

And her beautiful stare,

He dreamt about stars

Falling here and there

And imagined himself

Running behind that natural fare.

He was blessed with

Tons of love and care

That his mother was showering

In layers and layers.


By grabbing her fingers

He learnt to walk

While crying in her lap

He learnt to talk.

Only she could manage

To make him laugh

By folding her eyes

In a part and half.


After getting hurt

He always ran and cried

Jumping in her arms

Could only make him smile.

Only food with her hands

He could eat

Whether it was just bread

Or his favourite ice cream treat.


Her arms protected him

In any case

From any problem

Or any strange face

She was the mother

And a true friend indeed

Enough to bring stars to earth

When there would be any need.




Featured image credit-

London Scout