Do you know guys from several days I was observing the leaves color. It was changing within a short interval. I wanted to know the reason that Why Do Leaves Change Color and today I got it. So, I decided to discuss with you.

As days grow shorter and temperatures cooler, deciduous trees prepare for winter dormancy.Lacking sufficient light and water, photosynthesis shuts down, and trees must live off food stored during the growing season.

In spring, leaves lay the ground work for the demise. A special layer of cells forms at base of each leaf, called the abcission or separation layer. Its work is to transport water to the leaf and take food, created by photosynthesis, back to tree.

In autumn, the cells of this layer begin to swell and the bottom of this layer forms a corklike substance that eventually cuts off all transfer between leaf and tree. Meanwhile, the top of the layer begins to disintegrate, making it easy for the leaf to detach.

As photosynthesis ceases, the leaves lose their chlorophyll, which gives them their green color. Without chlorophyll, other colors emerge. Yellow and Orange, for example are normally present in the leaves but are overshadowed by the chlorophyll.

Maple leaf red occurs because glucose remains when photosynthesis shuts down. Drab oak- leaf brown represents wastes left in the leaves.

Guys, I think that I would be capable enough to clear your doubts about the changing color of leaves.