While reading a novel a thought stroked into my mind that why do we read? What makes reading so important even in this busy world? I know that this is a very out of context question. For many it does not even makes sense but I think there are very strong reasons behind it. I am in the search of those reasons. So let’s find out the answer of the question, why do we read?

Isn’t it strange that even in this hectic and fast changing world reading is still in the fashion? Actually it never went out of the fashion. It is carried down from generations to generations and it will be continued till the eternity. This is so because reading is addictive. This sounds strange but it is true because there is a kind of addiction in the reading which creates a bond between reader and the content. That is why newspapers and print media are not out of the culture even in this modern and technical world. I still know many people who eagerly wait for the morning newspaper every day. Their morning does not start until they read newspaper. You can find this more in the villages.

There are different things to read. It can be stories, journals, novels, news, text books, magazines, blogs, tweets etc. Many new forms of contents have been introduced in this internet era. They are way strange but still people gets attracted towards them because it gives them pleasure and reading is one of the major modes to gain pleasure.

The history of reading goes down till the start of the language and civilisation. Ever since then it has not died. In the past few centuries the reading took whole new level of excitement with the introduction of novels. Printing made novels cheaper so that majority of the population could afford it. Novels have played an important role as they made a whole new community of readers. Then came the serialised novels and magazines which made reading more interesting. People often started to gather and discuss about what happened in the last episode of the series. It created a sense of unity. It also gave many thinkers a way to communicate to the whole world for the promotions of their thoughts.

Reading has always been a pleasurable experience. It gives you pleasure publicly as well as secretly. You can enjoy reading while sitting in a train. You can enjoy reading even in a huge crowd because it does not need silence and other things. It only needs your attention and attention is something which should be invested not wasted. Reading is the perfect investment of our attention. Perhaps this is the reason for why do we read?

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