“Religion” this word is not easy to understand. Those who understand it are not able to describe it. It is the reason behind the peace and unfortunately it is also a reason behind violence. Many philosophies have been given by the greats regarding it. I am not going to talk about them. I am going to talk about the discrimination done with a particular religion i.e. ‘Islam’. My question is that why Muslims are neglected by the society?  Let me clear it first that I am a Hindu.

Most of you must be thinking right now that I have lost it. But I am alright because I have observed something in the society which seemed very peculiar to me. Let me clear it for you. There are still many people in our society who doesn’t feel comfortable inviting any Muslim in their home. And in case any Muslim comes then after his leave the whole house is cleaned. Many Hindus are still not comfortable in eating with Muslims. Not only eating, they are not comfortable in most of the activities like playing together, sitting together etc.

I haven’t seen any kind of this thing when any Sikh comes in their house. Neither has it happened when any Christian, Jain or person from any religion comes in their house. Why this special treatment is only given to Muslims? I have seen many women neglecting to purchase any grocery from a shop which is owned by a Muslim. I agree that a large number of Hindus don’t carry any kind of such practice but it is still out here in the society. I have some questions in my mind for those who have this kind of narrow thinking.

Do we check the religion of the cook who is preparing the food for us in the restaurant? Do we check the religion of the person who is manufacturing the cold drinks which we drink? Do we check the religion of Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan while watching their movie in cinema halls? Do we check the religion of the manufacturer of the holy thread which Hindus generally wear on their wrists?  And last but not the least that do we check the religion of the farmers whose grains are eaten by us? We need to always remember that Muslims are not aliens. They are also humans like us. We need to follow humanity first then any religion.

I am a theist. I believe in God. But that does mean that I can hurt the belief of others from my deeds. Most of the people who fight in the name of Quran and Gita probably haven’t read any of those. Unfortunately we live in a country where Hindus have to prove them secular and Muslims have to prove them patriotic. But there is a need to prove ourselves humans first.

Religion is a beautiful thing. For me all religions are same. They are different doors for the same house. It’s your choice to follow which one. The destination is same.