Hi dudes and champs! This is your debatable blogger Niti Goyanka who has been seen on the site for a long time. I am sure after reading the title your stomachs must be creating bubbles. But I am this much sure also by reading the topic you too have understand what the topic says. But still I request you to read the whole blog because this time I am in a mood to make you smile.

I knew that many of us know that geographical definition that the cold weather season begins from mid- November in northern India and stays till Feb bla bla..

I wanted to tell you how is it a time of fun and activity first.

We all knew about Christmas that it falls in the month of December in which we have to face the cold which force us to shiver. The droplets of dew pinching us like needle. The feets feeling that someone has spread pointed stones and you have to dance on it not walk also. But I wanted to tell an experience of snowman. We are familiar to create a snowman and a red radish as his nose. Am I right or not? We used to throw ice balls on each other.

I knew that some of you must be thinking that is she explaining her dream. Nope! I can just suggest you to give a break to your daily routine and have a visit to Shimla  Darjeeling etc. Now you must be thinking how fool is she in winter she is saying to go to hilly areas. You must also be thinking that am I suggesting Or planning to kill you in this shivering winter. No, friends believe me take risk and go then you can understand what is actually winter.

I think you must be aggressive to eat pakoris by seating and resting in blanket. Have you seen your moms weaving sweaters for you. Have you guessed yourselves making cards for your friends.

Now I wanted to open your eyes about those peoples who are not enjoying this winter and thinking it as a burden. They are facing this winter in a very harsh condition. They wanted to get this much warm that ¬†I can’t explain. They are making their skins dry which create a problem for their body.

This much I can only wish you Happy And Safe Winter From Cold.