Good morning beautiful minds and a HAPPY NEW YEAR. Yes I know that I am a bit late in wishing this. Actually I was stuck somewhere else from last 20 days and finally now I have managed to drive my mind back to you. Today I am here with a poem which is very close to my soul. I am here with a poem containing the grief which will stay with me till my last breathe. Today I am here with death. The title of the poem is YES I CRY.



Yes I cry,

I cry because

I have seen the worst nightmares

Following after the worst nightmares.

Yes I cry

Because the sunlight from our sky

Has went away to light

The heaven

Leaving us far behind.

Yes I cry,

Because the centre

Of our circle

Has displaced from its place

And has got dissolved in infinity.

Because the shine of our eyes

Has been converted into a

Continuous supply of tears.

Because the earth has eaten

The soul which was smiling last night.

Because the clouds are sharing

Their pain through the rain.

Because the future is dark

Because our running blood

Demands the love of our origin and

We remain silent.

Because our swollen soul has

Stopped answering the questions

Which are infinite.

Because we are numerous yet


Because we are crying yet smiling.

Because we are dying yet living.

As there are no more tears left to

Console our broken heart which is

Not ready to accept the truth that

There is no ‘life’ ahead.


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Ian Espinosa