Life is very cruel. It won’t be wrong to say that this world is very cruel. Many stages come and go in our lives. But some leaves its impact. Survival is not easy. Sometimes you have to be cruel. Sometimes you have to be a cheater. If you are not this world makes you. Because to survive you have to be bad!

You have to be bad!

I am standing here

all alone

right on this very circle

thinking on my own

looking up high

igniting the unknown fire.

There is something inside me

haunting right behind me

It says that I had been too kind

I have change up my mind

The world is selfish

No one is going to take my care

because this world does not behave fair

I have to stand on my own.

Some rules should be broken

Life needs to be hasten

My soul is getting violent

Constantly saying that

stop being silent

I have to stop being good

It is time to be rude

The era of philosophies have ended

A lot of things are needed to be mended

No one will stand beside you when you need

No one is going you to feed

Because the world has gone mad

and to survive

you have to be bad…!