Was just typing something useless but ended up with this! After reading it I bet you I was surprised a lot with this… This is really not ‘useless’. At least not for me. I hope you like it…. It is titled as “You Just Need To Be You”. So enjoy the  ride to emotions!!!!

You Just Need To Be YOU…

You have seen failures

You have seen loses

You have tasted the dust

They say that you are the useless rust

You have been taunted

You have been trolled

You have been haunted

You have been strolled

You have been used

You have been abused…..

But the weeping time is up baby!

Get ready to fight

To end those sleepless nights

To shut them up

To mock them down

To rock the earth

To bring them to the ground…

Coz you know what you are

You know how much you can go far…

You just need a little push

To get out of that confusing bush

From a friend or two

But at the end, you just need to be you!