A hope from Darkness

Sitting on the chair
Thinking about the past.
Bringing pain of my wound
To the pinnacle of height.

Recalling memories of pain
Are tearing me apart.
The darkness of my past
Are becoming more visible in dark.

How can I escape from
Memories which are ocean of pain
A beam of light coming from the dark
Giving me a hope to reach a height.

But whenever I fly to reach the height
An old face comes to tear me apart
Losing my hope, losing my height.
And it all happened on the same night…


Poet – Shubham Saurav

Copyright Disclaimer: This poem belongs to Shubham Saurav. No one is allowed to copy the theme or entire poem or any of the part of this poem. This is a copyright protected poem. Any kind of copy of this poem will be illegal.






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