Hii guys, back after such a long time… Can’t help also, but still can’t forget Dashh. Now, personally for me it’s not just only to share my creation, it’s  to enjoy the moment I am writing on Dashh… I abhorrently waits for the time when I could be available to write on such a good blogging platform and so the poem goes…

The sun shines,
The smile began to brighten.
Lawns began to cheer
Flowers started blossoming.

Leaves started looking greenish
The drops appear as a pearl
A big acre of place
Got a place for ‘children’.

Time never wait for one.
Break is over…
Dispersal is over.
All went, none stay.

Now the sun too says ‘Good Bye’.
Wait dear, the moon is saying ‘Hi’.
One goes from life.
One comes in.
Just wait a day will come
For a ‘New Start’.
-Niti Goyanka

So, the poem ends and this poem was based upon my experiences and thoughts spent in school and how it allures life.

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