I have completed the journey of two years. Decades are there to explore (If I survived that much0. The horizon is demanding to be noticed. So do the seas and oceans. The sky is shouting at me to find its boundaries. The words are urging to get laid on paper. There is a lot of exploration left. The good thing is that I have started exploring. And this is what matters.

There is a lot lying around us. The sun rays, the air, the wind, the light, the sound, the breeze, the feel, the love, the hate, the care, the fate, the ball, the play, the smile, the clay and more infinites in this list. If I go on making this list then I would probably spend my whole life doing this. The infinites lie around us. But we do not notice. For an instance let us assume that there is a glass of water around us. Everyone knows that this water. But a curious mind will go deeper that what is water? Why the molecules are arranged in this way not the other? Why does it look transparent not red or blue? Why it flows? And further more WHYs. The list will never end.

The knowledge lies around us. We are just afraid to let our minds dive in that ocean. Because that ocean is unknown to us and unknown always brings anxiety and restlessness. But the satisfaction which comes after converting the unknown into known is heaven. And those who do not taste it are simply wasting their lives. The restlessness is important. The curiosity is important, the anxiety is important because they lead us to satisfaction. If we learn to put more WHYs in our mind then the world will appear different to us and that is what we need. We need to question. The answer will come. Perhaps not today or even decades later but it will come someday and that someday will be the best day of our lives.

Be an observer not just a spectator because observation is beautiful, exploration is beautiful. We do not need to travel thousands of miles to see new things. New things are around us. They are within us. We just need to notice them. We just need to observe them. The rest will follow.



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Caleb George

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