I have heard somewhere that words have healing power. I don’t know how true this saying is but I am going to give it a try. So yeah I am Sami back again but this time I am not the same. And I think that I will never be the same as I have lost someone a few days ago. With broken heart I am here with a poem for him. Its called ‘ And that is my duty from now.’

This is for my star angel who was always there whenever I fell. Who pulled me up from every problems and who had solutions for it indeed. Who made me believe in myself and this universe. How spiritual his soul was that God took him away this early; I guess. I wish I had some superpowers to meet you, talk to you once but I am left with nothing but shedding tears on blank pages. I wish I could portray you on paper, but that’s impossible. I know my ‘guardian’ was exceptionally undefinable and indescribable. Dad; inspite of teasing you everyday for that I admit you were the only ‘the guardian” and you will be the only. I miss you DAD!

And that is my duty from now

The soul can’t be healed

This time; I know it crushed

Darkness covered my life

Like dark clouds in rife

Feeling stuck in a prison

And writing without a reason

Mirror shouting at me

And that beautiful tree

Which saw celebrations and mournings

Under it; accumulating

Shiver runs through the veins

And the terrifying thought of brain

Reminds constantly of that pain

That can’t be healed;

Forever and ever.

Still my mind recites your songs

Still my heart says it is wrong

You can’t leave us

At least not like this

Darkness more darker here

Please come please reappear.

Never dreamt that life would show me

You under those dried bough

Covered with holy shroud,

Your funeral surrounded by crowd.

You were my guardian; remember?

I laughed at your

“I am your guardian” face

But I promise I will stop making fun

For me you were the only one.

And one more promise to make

I will make you proud; Dad

Your dreams are to be completed any how

And that’s my duty from now.


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Liv Bruce

5 thoughts on “And that is my duty from now | A poem for my HERO

  1. i see a bright future standing very far from you. But it will come. Definitely. The poem is out of this world and I suppose that this is what it meant to be. Because the message needs to reach out of this world..

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