Welcome everyone! I was having a word with me on me. It was quite interesting and confusing though. I ended up with this poem. I don’t know whether it is extraordinary or just another poem. But at least it is my poem. The title goes like this ANOTHER STORY IS READY TO BE TOLD. I need your reviews on this. Don’t hesitate to share it if you like it. So enjoy the ride now..

Another story is ready to be told..

I sat, I sit
But I did not know the mist
Knowing, something
Was unpleasant
But unwillingly, I was falling.
I tried to end
But destiny was strong.
I became alone
Started to defend
On backfoot
Otherwise hitting
Anywhere to get a glow.
A change came,
Her words shrieked deeper.
I found myself devoted
Everything changed,
Every colors
Were pointing something
But it went on.
A dagger launched
Against me
I turned back 
To find my traitor
But accidentally 
I found the conspirator.
He smiled 
And pulled me against,
Left me there
Battling with my past
And present’s future.
I got spoilt
And none knew
Nothing was in my favor
But I was not crying.
Some sound entered,
As I looked
A guy single 
on the beach
Talking to himself.
I found myself
There for seconds.
I laughed 
And made sure
That another
Story is ready to be told.
Featured Image Credit- 

Aziz Acharki

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