What is Application Software?

Application software are the set of program necessary to perform single specific task.

The type of software which enable us to do a single type of task. It can be easily understand as the software which are used to do a single specific task is called application software. An application software which perform image editing cannot perform word processing or video playing.
These are the softwares which are created to enable a computer to do a single specific task such as Audio/video playing, image editing, video editing, word processing, billing, inventory control, financial accounting, etc.

Types of Application Software?

Application software can be subdivided into three categories.
1. General Purpose Application Software.
2. Specific Purpose Application Software.
3. Customised Software/ Bespoke Software/ Tailor-made Software.

What is General Purpose Application Software?

These are the application software which are required to make the computer useful to people. These softwares are written to fulfils the basic needs of people. These are Word processing software, Electronic Spreadsheets, Presentation Software, DBMS ( Data Base MAnagement Software ) Software. Eg- MS office package, Libre office Package, Open office package,etc.

What is a Specific Purpose Application Software?

These are the Software which are designed to be used for specific task such as e-commerce sites, appointment software, company payroll, etc. These are specialist software and are used for special work. Eg- AutoCAD, MAYA, Adobe Illustrator, TALLY, etc.

What is a Customised Software?

These are the Software which are made according to the requirements of user. These are designed by the Programmers to meet all the requirements specified by the User. These are also called tailor-made or bespoke software.

Some Popular Application Software and their use:

Adobe Photoshop for image editing, MS- Office for office work, Adobe Illustrator for vector graphics design, Tally for Inventory control, MS- Access for Database Management.

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