From the birth till death, we get involved in many strange customs. The rules presented to us appear strange at first but with the passage of time we accept them. We think that we are free but this is not the truth. As a citizen of democratic country we are free to opt anything of our choices which should be legal. But does this really happen? If we are free then why most of us are bound to choose an unhappy life. Everyone around us seems to be busy. Everyone is roaming but are they moving? The answer to this question is itself a question.

The things written in the social norms of our society are ideal. But the truth is that the idealistic philosophy is only a mere philosophy. It simply cannot happen in practical. And we people are blindly persuading those ideal norms. They sound very good but in practical life they are like counting stars during day. We are living in a myth. We have been brought up in a myth. The art of question has been deducted to the art of operating. We have been in a shell made by our ancestors and told to work inside it. We are told to bring happiness through the techniques which were developed by our ancestors. The irony is that those techniques had already been miserable failures in the past. Yeah they have developed this world. There is no denying from this fact but what about happiness? Most of us have misunderstood development as happiness. Development is not happiness. The more people I see, the more unhappiness I collect. Why the situation is so? Why no one among us can claim boldly that he/she is a happy creature. Perhaps because we are not what we are, we are what we are told to be.

The boundaries created by our ancestors need to be broken. We need to create new boundaries to break them in future. We need to be free not by our laws but by our thoughts. We first need to let it go. Let the emptiness consume us. It will bring love. Happiness is a long way process. We just need to feel it. Because there are some questions which should be left unsolved. Logic destroys emotions. The boundaries should be made boundless. This is where reality lies. And perhaps then we will find the secret mantra of happiness.


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Zak Elley

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