After a long discussion with me I have decided to write this. Today, I am writing on something which I am going through. It is a very big issue in this developing India. I am talking about the coaching industry of India. I am talking about the commercialisation of education.

In the last few years perhaps the most rapidly grown industry of India is this coaching industry. I am not only talking about the branded coaching institutes which we come across daily. I am talking about all those major and minor institutes. In the present date I hardly find any student not attending any private tuition or coaching. And this is very concerning because not every student is made for this race. Most have the ability to create their own path and run on it. But sadly only a few manage to do this.

In the race of going ahead we sometimes forget what we are running for. Facilities can motivate us and give us a good platform. But these are not enough to win the race. They can only give temporary assistance. At the end of the day it is the student who has to do all the stuff. Coaching institutes can only be the facilitators. But unfortunately we portray them as the deciders of our destiny. I am sharing a personal experience of mine. A few days ago I attended a seminar conducted by a reputed coaching institute. I am not going to highlight its name. What I learnt in those three hours of the seminar is that the coaching institute was trying to convince us to be a robot for the next two years. They will be going to decide when we will get up, how much we have to study, what we have to study, how we have study, when we have study and further more ‘study’ in this list. They have created several time tables for all the days of week. And if join them then we will be the addition in the list of their robots or you can say customers.

Yeah I am right, ‘customers’ is the right term to describe the students and their parents. A few decades ago who would have thought that this sum of money can be spent on the education of 1 or 2 years for any child. Sorry, let me correct myself. It is not the education. It is the preparation for the education. So basically we are spending more money on preparation than the education itself. And this is a kind of business where consumer does not get anyone kind of guarantee. But still there are millions of consumers proudly waiting to send their future into a factory for becoming a robot.

Polishing the polished shoe is not an achievement. Polishing the rough is appreciable. The institutes simply polish the cream students and advertise. And we consumer forget that the cream is always the cream. They will top in any situation. The achievement lies in converting an average into a topper. I just want to ask some questions that what is such a big thing in making 5000 students win out of 50 thousand? What happens to the rest? Have we all gone blind to not see the conversion rates of these institutes? And still we complain that students commit suicide. It is we society who forces them to do so.

I am not saying that every institute is a bad one. There are many advantages of these institutes but somehow we forget that every child is different. Studying 14 hours a day can be possible for some child but not for other one. But that does not mean that the other one is bad. Only IITians and Doctors are not humans. The mistake is ours. We do not let the children decide their future. We just feed the children’s brains of being an engineering and doctor from their birth. We do not let them see the outer beauty of this world. So they just end up deciding of being an IITian and Doctors. And then follows this whole trap.

There is a need of identification of the reality which is lying in front of eyes. Our education system measures the different abilities of the student on just one scale which is marks. There is a need to change this. Only formal education does not mean education. Education lies in every single breath of mankind. It is perfectly right to not send your children to any reputed coaching institutes. All they need is just a promise that ‘I am there for you. Do what you love but with honesty.’ They just need a proper assistance. A 15 or 16-year old child is not made for such rigorous mental stress. Competition is good. Race is good. But first one has to decide the right path for the destination. It is better to let your child believe in him/herself than letting them believe in textbooks, strict time tables, examination pressure, and the blackmail of the bad future because at the end of the day only they will be standing beside them not this coaching industry.


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