Hi friends! After reading the title Dashh,  where did your mind went, what were you thinking after the title.I am sure that questions have definitely rise in your mind. I was sitting idle and was finding to write on which topic. I thought that let’s start writing on the website name itself.

We all know about Dashh that it is a free blogging platform.If anybody asks also What is Dashh? we directly says it is a free blogging platform. Friends I have highlighted the word free as it is a place where one can enhance her/ his own knowledge beside our subject books mainly or it may be related to our subject book.We all have heard that “Knowledge is free”. Just the thing which we have to do is explore it.We should share the knowledge and gain it from others.

We should really appreciate the deeds of our CEO who have think so much and created a free blogging platform for us. As he was having humanity for us. So, what is our work just appreciate him that Wow! Thanks for creating this site. You are great. I think the very person will become more happy after seeing you writing a post on the site. Believe me. I am saying truth.

Still some of us  are there who are lacking behind due to our shyness. And I am saying you friends that one day this shyness will kills you as future has not been seen by any of us. So, I can advise you that bring your inside leopard outside and threw your shyness. Think that you are the only one who is perfect and right in this world while writing and I am 110% sure that you will succeed.

Friends, I am really saying you that don’t take all these matter as joke. It can change your personality and will bring confidence in you which is very necessary in today’s era. So, friends I can say this much to you only as the motto of Dashh is to “IGNITE THE WORLD WITH KNOWLEDGE”. Its completely on you how to convert this opportunity as an advantage.

This much after reading whatever you have feelings inside you write in comment box.


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