Hello everyone! I am Shivam Sharma. I am here with a poem of mine. It deals with one the major tools of living. It can build the strongest of empires but it can destroy them too. It completely depends on us how to use it. I am talking about DESIRE. I hope that you guys will like. Do share it and don’t forget to drop your suggestions in the comment box.


Its true..

Desire is root of all the pain,

But desire is the food of the brain

Life is all about

To take the pain for the gain.


To reach the zenith

And absorb serenity,

To combat all in long haul

And repel the every trouble

Be hungry; chase your desire,

And be the one, the world admires.


Life is not easy for all

To be an identity from a creature,

Its hard to peek into soul

And listen the heart’s purest call.


Never keep the desire aside

Make it your best guide.

It will heal all your pain

And one day you will be in the success lane.


Fight alone like a hero

One day everyone has to be the zero.

Life is incalculable chance

Streamline everything for that

Burning desire.

Be a champion, not a life’s liar!!!

-SK Sharma

Featured Image Credit-

Sean Parker

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