Life is cruel. Life is wicked. Life is life. When one thinks that I have fought the worst then comes the worst fight in front of him.  Hello everyone. I am Sami. I won’t talk much today. I will just show you my new creation. Its called ‘FOR A HEART TO SMILE’.


For A Heart to Smile

Like the shining moon
Melting down in the water
Crying from inside
Missing the smile that has shattered
I am no more
The girls I used to be
Lost my life somewhere
Solitude is breaking me
I see no one standing behind
I see nothing helping around
Like a stone hit by destiny
WIth only grief abound
The fire inside me has extinguished
All the hopes are faint and blur
And I stand here alone
Staring at the heaven
With wet open eyes
For a miracle to happen.

But I end up
Holding the silence
And oblivious path
Which I have to rush through
For a heart to smile.


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