The age of our Milky way galaxy is approximetly 13.6 billion years.
After the big bang occured and the universe cooled a bit, small irregularties allowed the gas to coalesce into larger and larger clumbs, he ating up and eventually starting the nuclear fusion that powers stars. The stars started to gravitationally pull each other into larger groups.
The milky way galaxy has three basic components. First is the disk, which contains the spiral arms, the hdos and the nucleus or central bulge .older star are found in halo and central bulge. whereas younger star are found in disk.
Milkyway galaxy produce more than 7 stars in a year. It is belived that one big gas cloud orginated over 13 billion year ago, which is what we estimate the age of milky way galaxy to be. But large gas cloud was not strong enough to resist the force pulling gas inward thus the cloud frenented into smaller cloud.
Some of the smaller cloud wound up colliding with one another and combining. This bigger low density gas cloud rotated. This helped in formation of the disk of our galaxy.
As the cloud flottned out, The abudant of metal created by a process called nucleousynthesis increased, it explains why newer stars in the disk were metal rich in comparison to the older stars.
Milky way galaxy is ogtem reffered as “Cannibal” galaxy because during formation it swallowed up smaller galaxies. Infact this is the process by which how many larger galaxies have come to be the size they are today.
Milky way galaxy is still gabbling up another galaxy

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