Throughout the last few months I have learnt that time and karma are the most powerful things of this universe. No matter how great you are you have to respect them both. I have written a poem which is nothing but pure emotions. It won’t make it clear that about which situation it is talking but I think that it is worth enough to share with you guys. So here it is. Its says HEAL and it is open for you all to read.



The lights went out

I stood standing there



Of what was happening here.

The cars flashed their lights

The roads got empty

I fell down, feeling light

With different thoughts

Marking their entries.

The eyes felt hazy

And mind hazier,

I had no more sense to fight

No more time to adjust

My behaviour.

Ears went numb

Echoing sounds aloud

I cried cursing my head

For making my head burst out.

It took me some time

To figure that it was the end

The fight was lost

And there lied

A dark beginning.

The moon replaced

The sun

Leaving behind

Some of the chilliest burn.

Shooting our mind

With every available gun

And the game of evil

Had just there begun.


But hope kept us alive

It made us survive


The vibe changed

So did the war

After a course of time

It was turn for the sunrise.

It was enough fight

Already fought.

It was now turn

For the end of the wrath.

The sky appeared beautiful

The water could be felt

I hailed my both hands

Welcoming the warmth of rain

With a joy

Covering my face.

It was like miracle

Happening just before the doom

As my morning said

‘Don’t worry! I am coming with the noon’.

The smiles,

Replaced the tears.

The joy took over the fears.

The love was spread

And the wrong was dead.

And I finally laughed that day

Because that was the most pleasant

Sight to feel

As there was nothing to loose

But everything to heal.



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