I have read somewhere that ‘when nothing goes right, you should go to a sleep’. I believed in this. But now when I feel the pain inside my burning heart I try to sleep. It does not come to me. I cry without tears, I smile without happiness. When I feel that I am facing the trench then I realize that I am just a tiny being in front of her. As she is going through the pain which can’t be described in words. But still she holds a smile and drives her vehicle on to the path.

Hello everyone! I hope that you are having a great day. I am here with my new composition. Its called HER PAIN. It was definitely tough one to write. Not because I was struggling with words rather I was feeling the pain. It was HER PAIN. I won’t create anymore puzzles for you. The poem is open for you to read. Do drop your comments.


In the shadow of heat

And burning flames,

She sits there silently

Reciting his name,

Again and again.


The thrust is strong

Forces the tears along,

To capture the place

Of a lost face,

Again and again.


In the chaos of silence

And unspoken violence,

She starts a battle

In the middle of a race,

Again and again.


With hope of a morning

After the mourning,

She strives ahead

With unknown fate,

Again and again.


She carries the strength,

Its source unknown,

Follows the trench

With deepen soul,

Again and again.


As she holds on to the road

Without the support,

Carries the load

And a huge deport

Inside her pain

Reciting his name,

She moves ahead

Again and again..


Featured Image Credit-

Aimee Vogelsang



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