Hay! What’s up guys? I am Shubham and in this blog you will get information on How Softwares are created? and How you can create Software?
So the first thing that you need to know before learning creating them is what is Software?
Software is nothing more and nothing less than something that controls the hardware. Let me give you the definition, Software is something that act and an interface between the computer hardware and the users and it instruct the hardware to do tasks as per directed by the user. A Computer system is nothing more than a dump machine without Software. It can’t perform any task without it. Software is essential for Computers to work. Now you guys have the basic understanding of Software. We can now learn how they are created. Software are created by using a programming language. The programming language is a computer language that unable the programmers to create Software. As we know that computer doesn’t understand our speaking languages like English, Hindi or and other language. So these programming are the special computer languages that are only used to create Softwares. Some of the programming languages are Java, C#, C++, C, Python, Visual basic,etc. Java is the most popular programming language after C. They are the High level language which make use of English and mathematical language to write software. And one more thing that you guys should know is that the computer doesn’t understand these languages directly. You will need to compile or interpret them to make a software.The computer only understand the binary language i.e 0 and 1 (on and off). Some of you are might wondering to create them. So I will tell you how to create them. You guys can learn a programming language to create them. You can choose Java,C#, C++ or any other language to create Software.
Now the one question that arises that How you can learn them and how can you create your own Software. So I promise you guys that I will write a blog on the Best resources which will help you to learn those languages and write your own Software.

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