When the night falls, I wake up. It is the most pleasant sight to watch, the darkness. My senses grow active and try to catch everything around. Even though there is nothing. I live in a world free of thoughts yet thoughts govern my activities. Above all I choose to live than to breathe. Yes, I am a free man.

Among all strange and diverse desires all over the world, freedom is common. Every heart desires freedom. All of us wanted to fly when we were kids. All of us wanted to be free where we would not have to take permissions for anything. Freedom was the most desirable thing. We wanted to grow and take all the decisions on our own. Eat all the chocolates and ice creams without getting disturbed. But when we grew up things were different. We realized that earlier we desired to fulfil our wishes now we strive hard to fulfil our needs. Things changed so did we but one thing remained constant, desire of becoming free.

I call myself a free man. I call myself an observer. Not because I don’t have any responsibilities rather because I live on my own. Freedom can’t be earned. It is not any materialistic man made prop. Rather it is a less complicated feeling. Freedom can only be felt. Perhaps it is the reason why after attaining freedom from colonisers a long time ago, we feel that we are still not the masters of our fate.  Since our birth we start observing our surroundings. We attain knowledge. We move onwards and start building our life. We gain responsibilities. We do our jobs. We die. This the life process of most of us. Throughout the life we feel like slaves. We remain slaves of our thoughts, slaves of responsibilities and the slaves of society. What we miss is the freedom.

Being free is no rocket science. We just have to accept what is in front of us. We need to listen to our soul instead listening to our heart. Heart misleads, mind calculates while soul feels. Soul is the only part of us which is free. It never gets slaved perhaps only because it is real. While dealing with the society since our birth we have accumulated dirt in us. We are no more real. We are no more fake. We live somewhere between these two only to please the society. This is when the problem comes. We live to please the society. We are always busy in improving our image personality in the eyes of the person in front of us. While all we need to do is to improve our image in the eyes of the person inside us.

I live in the same society. I feel the same feelings. I am no superior or inferior to others. And I have no regrets perhaps because I don’t compare. Comparison is an illusion. One can’t compare two creatures on the same scale because everyone is different. I am different, you are different and they are different. We have to accept this. Freedom lies in this. Freedom lies in us. And yes, I am a free man.



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