Hello everyone. I am back again with my poem. In last few days I have been on a roller coaster ride and strangely the more pace I gain the more calmness I feel. I am still unable to find out its reason but if its good then I am fine living this way without any explanation. With each dawn I feel new beams of experiences inculcating inside my brain. The days are getting harder but the adventures are also increasing. I don’t know what to make out of all of these but I feel busy. That’s important.

This poem does not indicate my courage. It is about something else. It is open for you guys to juice the meaning out of it.


I fear nothing,

I fear oblivion,

I far nothing.


I fear the truth of falseness of eternity.

I fear the truth of emptiness in everybody.

I fear the scattered parts of knowledge being used to create the hollow space.

I fear the uselessness of this race.


I fear the silenced soul.

I fear the silenced mob.

I fear the circle without any center.

I fear the pupil without any mentor.


I fear those suppressed tears

Of that premature boy,

I fear the littleness of his share of joy.

I fear his smiles which hide his cries.

I fear his life being toyed.


I fear the truth of equality,

I fear the joke of humanity.

I see the future,

I fear the present.

I feel the results,

That’s why I lament.


I fear the mirror of everything.

I fear oblivion,

I fear nothing.



Featured Image Credit-

Spencer Watson

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