A few years ago I used to roam inside my thoughts. I was child then. In my own world I was always my super hero. That super hero who saved the world every time not from aliens but from humans. As I grew up I gave up imagining that world as I felt that it is a childish kind of thing. But I really never came out of my world. In my teenage too I used to live in this world but my mind wandered somewhere else. They called me mad. I never get ashamed rather I felt proud. Things changed. New people entered into my life. Society forced me to be ‘normal’. I became normal. And that is what I regret the most. I liked my super hero. I like being the super hero.

I am proud is a very different poem. It is not even a poem. It is something very strange which came out of my heart. I feel very personal to this creation that is why I won’t promote it anywhere other than this platform. I feel proud?

I feel Proud

I have felt the world differently.

I have seen the people differently.

You count the results,

I feel the process,

You measure the success

I laugh in the path itself.

I have been to the places

Which is out of the reach of any,

They lie inside me.

I have driven souls

You have driven money.

You have loved someone

I have felt the love.

You have earned the respect

I have rejected it.

You have danced on the old tunes

I have created my own.

You have bought people

I have earned friends.

You live in a villa

Alone between hundreds.

I sing the lullaby to my dear street dogs

On footpath.

People salute you

People love me.

You sip your whisky

I like the taste of tap water.

You get drunk on wine

I get drunk on emotions.

You fly in planes

I fly on stars every night.

You look at me and laugh

Feeling that you won the world

I look at you

And smile back.

You know the truth

But still

You call me mad

To console your heart

It makes me proud,

Because common is no more special,

Not for me at least.



Featured Image Credit-

Miguel Bruna

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